March 10, 2009


Stacey Bethers
(801) 455 – 5493


B.F.A. degree candidate, Animation, Brigham Young University
• Expected graduation date: April 2010
• Cumulative GPA 3.84/4.0
• Dean’s List for Academic Achievement, Summer (GPA in the top 5% of class)


Lighting Intern, Pixar, June 2009 — August 2009
• Lighting class with production work on a Toy Story 3 commercial.

3D Artist, Center for Teaching and Learning, June 2008—Present
• Interpret scientific outlines to create storyboards, layout scenes, model, and translate 2D textbook diagrams into 3D, realistic environments.
• Troubleshoot while render wrangling, model, light, and animate depending on what is needed.

Lighter/ Compositor, BYU 2009 senior film X-ing
• Collaborate with other lead to create the light rigs and direct the students on the lighting team.

Lighting Lead/ Texture Artist, BYU student film Dreamgiver
• Develop lighting rigs to hit the emotion of the story beats.

Lighter/ Compositor, BYU 2008 senior film Kites
Texture Artist/ Lighter/ Tech Researcher, BYU 2010 senior film Izzy


Technical: Lighting, Texturing, Modeling, Compositing, Rendering.
Computer: Maya, Photoshop, Renderman, After Effects, Shake, Linux, basic MEL.
Artistic: Figure/Gesture Drawing, Photography, Watercolor Painting.
Strengths: Task-oriented and dedicated to meeting deadlines. Strong teambuilding perspective with an enthusiastic outlook. Eye for composition and the overall look of final product.

Affiliations/ Awards/ Activities

BYU Center for Animation/ Academic Full Tuition Scholarship, 2 Academic Half Tuition Scholarships, 2 Animation Talent Scholarships/ Photography, ATVing, Dancing, Video gaming enthusiast.

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